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about Yellow hat

I first thought about creating my own company when I was very young. Achieving my degree in Advertising Design was only a stepping stone toward my true passion of helping build small businesses and start-ups into something amazing.

After working in several firms, post-uni, I learned many valuable skills to help me accomplish my goals. When my contract with the last firm was completed, I felt ready to launch what is now, Yellow Hat. I was determined, and although many obstacles arose that could have stopped me (including a global pandemic), I began my company in August 2020.

You may be wondering how my company got its quirky name. Well, after my last contract ended and I was nervous about taking the big step of opening my own business, I met up with a friend who was trying to encourage me. As we walked past a shop window, I stopped to look. Despite my then limited finances, I purchased a Yellow Hat that made me feel confident and self-assured. I later named my company Yellow Hat because I want to be that to other people. I want to come alongside small business owners and help them to feel confident and assured in their business development.

Matching Your Needs With Our Services

Are you interested in finding out more about us and how we can help you? Yellow Hat provides a wide range of social media services aimed at helping to increase brand awareness and engagement. Our services include SM management, SM strategy, profile optimisation, and content creation, ensuring that your potential clients can find you.

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